Dr. Francis Schaeffer wrote a sermon sixty years ago entitled No Little People, No Little Places. The point is that in the Kingdom of God, every person has value and every place has significance.

This concept has had a profound impact upon my life.

Having pastored churches for almost twenty-five years, several of them in small places (like the small college town in which I pastor now), I have begun to see how Schaeffer’s sermonic theme has a specific application for pastors in small places and in small churches, especially when the evangelical church in north America values the mega.

But 90% of churches are not mega. They are normal-sized. In fact, the average Sunday attendance for a church in the U.S. is a gathering of 75 adults and children.

Since, in my experience, curriculum, conferences, blogs, and podcasts are designed to help small churches get bigger, No Little Places was created to relieve the pressure and remove the burden of living in the shadow of the mega by helping pastors live in the shadow of the cross. We do this by providing helpful resources for our unique context, encouragement for our unique challenges, and camaraderie for our unique calling – a calling that is making an eternal difference in the Kingdom of God in what the world considers little places.

But we know better.